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Re: Workers Paradise. /Political rant.


> = .   There's no substantial difference between their resentful whining about
> = .their rights and your resentful whining about your rights - except maybe
> = .that you whine more.

   [silly remarks about crapping, watermelons, and hypocrites deleted]

>         I'm not whining about it my rights any more than Tim is 
>     whining about his.  One of the principals of the American 
>     Revolution was NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. When our     
>     government takes my money and creates a new class which "votes"
>     to require me to pay for them; they are a vested interest voting
>     only for their own gain without my consent.

   My full remarks are above; I never defended the present system.

>         human rights are supposedly universal.  however, since when 
>     has an entitlement been considered a "human right?"

   Never, AFAIK.

>         are you playing the part of the bleeding knee-jerk welfare 
>     advocate?  The type: "I'm willing to give mine, (but I cheat on 
>     my taxes) --just make sure you let the Feds extort their welfare 
>     system from _your_ profits.


>         charity is man's _benevolence_  and, there is nothing in the
>     scriptures which says the lazy and resentful are _entitled_ to
>     my support.  

   Charity has many definitions; in the Judeo-Christian tradition,
benevolence is not a prominent one. Nor are sawed off accusations of
laziness and resentfulness very indicative of caritas, OTOH.

>         I tithe, and tithe faithfully; and contribute a fast offering 
>     every month for the ward bishop's fund.  as in says in the 
>     scriptures, he who faithfully tithes shall receive it tenfold.
>     we take care of our own community, and we don't collect welfare.
>         it works.

   That is an excellent thing, and you should do it regardless of returns;
we all should. I do.