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Re: "But if it saves just one child."

attila wrote:
> In <[email protected][]>, on 09/15/96
>    at 03:51 PM, [email protected] (Timothy C. May) said:
> = .The rallying cry heard so often these days: "But if it saves just 
> one child."
>         "...now that we have saved just one child, save another, a boy
>     and a girl, so they breed,and we can justify our jobs feeding:
>             "just one more child...."
>         "...give until you bleed."
> = .(Hillary also thinks it takes a village to save the children.)
>         yeah, a _global_ village with good King Hillary.
>             welcome to "Logan's Run"  (and Fahrenheit 451)

I've been looking for a good price on a large Hillary Clinton button for 
several weeks now. The best I've seen so far was $3 at a booth in the 
Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade. Since I want to give the absolute 
least cash possible to these people (less than none, preferably) I'd 
just like to know if anyone knows of a better deal.