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Re: Workers Paradise. /Political rant.

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, Anonymous wrote:

> Tim May wrote:
> > The thing about _traditional_ charity, of the religious or community sort,
> > was that it was not treated as an "entitlement," as something the resentful
> > masses could "demand" as part of their "human rights."
>    There's no substantial difference between their resentful whining about
> their rights

Such as the "right" to health insurance, the "right" to free checks for
sitting on one's chair, the "right" to be treated preferentially as
equally qualified non-minorities applying to the same job, the "right" to
housing, the "right" to free education, the "right" to be paid three times
what your labor is worth in the lowest bracket jobs.

> and your resentful whining about your rights

The right to personal property.

Beginning to get the picture?

All of the former were created in the last 60 years out of whole cloth
more as "revolution insurance" than anything else.  They are rights
because someone said they were, not because they are well or logically

> - except maybe that you whine more.

I should hope he does.

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