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Re: Workers Paradise. /Political rant.

Black Unicorn wrote:

> > > The thing about _traditional_ charity, of the religious or community sort,
> > > was that it was not treated as an "entitlement," as something the 
> > > resentful masses could "demand" as part of their "human rights."
> > 
> >    There's no substantial difference between their resentful whining about
> > their rights
> Such as the "right" to health insurance, the "right" to free checks for
> sitting on one's chair, the "right" to be treated preferentially as
> equally qualified non-minorities applying to the same job, the "right" to
> housing, the "right" to free education, the "right" to be paid three times
> what your labor is worth in the lowest bracket jobs.

   I wasn't surprised when Attilla flogged a cartoon liberal in responding
to me, but I'm quite surprised you have. I didn't produce or defend a
litany of "rights," I pointed out that Tim is resentful and whines.

> > and your resentful whining about your rights
> The right to personal property.


> Beginning to get the picture?

   I've had it all along.

> All of the former were created in the last 60 years out of whole cloth
> more as "revolution insurance" than anything else.  They are rights
> because someone said they were, not because they are well or logically
> grounded.


> > - except maybe that you whine more.
> I should hope he does.