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The GAK Momentum is Building...

At 1:59 AM 9/17/96, David Lesher wrote:
>Clarinet sez:
>OTTAWA, Sept. 16 (UPI) -- The federal government has chosen
>Northern Telecom's data security software, Entrust { } Public-Key
>Infrastructure (PKI)... for gov't use.....
>worth $7.3 million......

Add to this these items:

-- the IBM GAK product

-- the "Clipper IV" (or is it only Clipper III?) GAK announcement expected

It seems that several of these announcements are happening at the same
time, which I doubt is coincidental. As the Republican challenger (whose
name escapes me at the moment :-}) is not making an issue out of this, and
is not making any issues out of anything related to liberty issues as near
as I can tell, Clinton and the national security establishment seem to have
free rein (and reign) to deploy GAK>

As Lucky pointed out, GAK now appears inevitable. There's probably still
time to monkeywrench these schemes, though. A few Blaze- or
Wagner/Goldberg-type hacks could undermine confidence in the Key Authority
(not to be confused with the Port Authority, which I presume handles i/o
port assignments).

--Tim May

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