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WinSock Remailer Now Accepting Only PGP Encrypted Messages


Effective immediately, the WinSock Remailer (operating at 
[email protected]) will now accept only PGP encrypted messages.
All incoming messages (with the exception of messages with
subject headers of help, remailer-help, remailer-stats, and
remailer-key) must now be encrypted with the public key for
[email protected]  All other messages will be rejected.


Joey Grasty ([email protected])
Jim Ray ([email protected])
WinSock Remailer Operators

Joey Grasty
[email protected] [home -- encryption, privacy, RKBA and other hopeless causes]
[email protected] [work -- designing pagers]
"Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is,
of course, in a state of sin." -- John Von Neumann
PGP = A7 CC 31 E4 7E A3 36 13  93 F4 C9 06 89 51 F5 A7