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Re: Spam blacklist project

Well if some people find it amazing that there are people out there
who agree with the 98.8% of people who did not vote Libertarian at the
last election then so be it.

It might have occurred to you but if an industry gets its act together
and provides itself with a fig leaf it gets regulated a lot less than
if it says "up yours we don't believe you have the right". 

If it wasn;t for knowing how inane peole are on the net I would think the Hi
Spammer to be an agent provocateur. Sending spam with a gratuitous "you
can't stop me" message attached is an invitation in itself. The terrorists
helpgroup stuff at his site hardly helps his cause either. All in all he
looks like a custom made provocation to show to some senator like Exon
and get a crackpot bill passed PDQ. Are people sure the guy isn't a front 
being run by some disgruntled tele-marketing or junk mail house that feels
it is in danger of loosing business?