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Re: Spam blacklist project


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To: [email protected], [email protected]
Date: Mon Sep 16 21:57:31 1996
Phill wrote:

[interesting anti-spam idea.]

>       Of course I don't for a moment imagine that this will
> be 100% effective. Without government regulation there will
> always be slimeballs who send mail to people who don't want it.

Your faith in big government, despite seemingly every bit of evidence 
possible to the contrary, astounds me sometimes. Churches, Mosques, etc. 
struggle mightily for this kind of thought pattern in believers, yet it 
comes to you naturally, in secular life. Truly a marvel, and on _this_ list, 
of all places. It has kept me from killfiling you, but I must occasionally 
express my awe at the power of faith to literally move mountains. There is a 
"regulation" (law) against [murder, selling/growing reefer, selling sexual 
services, assault, you name it] yet you'd never deny that these behaviors 
still exist, would you? Somehow, though, you still seem to manage to think 
that spamming slimeballs will just disappear with more regulations. It's 

>       The advantage of this scheme is that it would mean that
> the spam industry can avoid regulation pressure and they can
> deflect criticism.

I thought that "The Hippie of Crime" proved that spammers, if slick enough, 
could deflect criticism from themselves without any government help.

> Meanwhile recipients of unwanted spam have 
> a legitimate beef.

Don't we already have a legitimate beef, though? [I like your idea, BTW.] In 
fact, in view of Ian's recent posting, don't we already have a law, too?
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