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Re: Spam blacklist project

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996 [email protected] wrote:

> Not impressed by their setup, there does not seem to be any checking
> to see if the mail address is correct (ie to checlk for a denial of
> service attack) and the setup requires distributors to submit their
> list for "washing". That type of setup may be OK for the bush league
> but its hardly cypherpunk type stuff. Its fairly easy to set up a scheme
> in which the blacklist can be distributed with no risk to the 
> subscribers. Simply use a SHA digests and so on.

I didn't say it was their setup was the setup to end all spams :)

But I never really gave it much thought. It shouldn't be to complicated 
to set some up like you describe though.

> I hadn't checked on Yahoo, I tend to use Alta-Vista having found 
> Yahoo somewhat arbitary in category definition.
I usually check on Yahoo first. Alta-Vista always comes back with such an 
enourmous amount of links.

> PS Sites that use red text on a white background ... ugh!!!

Ah well... Some people never learn :(



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