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Re: Assassination Politics, was Kiddie porn on the Internet

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>Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 10:54:35 -0500
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>To: Michelle Thompson <mthompso>
>Subject: Re: Assassination Politics, was Kiddie porn on the Internet

Interesting information from a friend of mine-

>An american can not serve for pay for a position in another military
>that could be filled by local populace.  I may have my jurisdiction 
>wrong tho, this could be an international law not a US law.  
>Basically, you can't go be a grunt or an assasin in another country, 
>because they can find their own, but one can, however, fly P-40 Warhawks
for >China in 1941 because there were no chinese planes/pilots.  Guys from
soldier >of fortune (tho they do volunteer work) could be hired as 'experts'
at >whatever, removing mines, etc...  It's very touchy.  But, the worst
thing about >it all, is that the geneva convention doesn't protect
mercenaries....so awful >things could be done to them, and the world
wouldn't see that as war crimes.

I believe that with the breakdown of the traditional sense of sovereignty,
mercenary activity, whether military or commercial in nature, will increase.
Engineering seems to be quite mercenary already, and very international.
Marketing and advertising, to a novice (me), seem to be going the same way. 

Hence my interest in cryptography. Data security is essential in
international engineering projects.

Michelle Thompson