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Re: Assassination Politics, was Kiddie porn on the Internet

On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Michelle Thompson wrote:

> Interesting information from a friend of mine-
> >An american can not serve for pay for a position in another military
> >that could be filled by local populace.  I may have my jurisdiction
> >wrong tho, this could be an international law not a US law.
> >Basically, you can't go be a grunt or an assasin in another country,
> >because they can find their own,

What about the French Foreign Legion? or the Volunteers for Israel,
which isn't really a fighting force, but Americans can help keep
the Israeli army at a ready state.

> I believe that with the breakdown of the traditional sense of sovereignty,
> mercenary activity, whether military or commercial in nature, will increase.
> Engineering seems to be quite mercenary already, and very international.
> Marketing and advertising, to a novice (me), seem to be going the same way.

Depends on what you would qualify as being mercenary work, Would Americans
working on North Sea oil platforms getting paid $70,000+ a year tax free
be considered a mercenary? Or going down to the islands and opening a
data haven? Or maybe being the engineer for the Sultan of Brunei?

Marketing and advertising has always been mercenary work for as long
as I have been in it, Ask any number of freelancers who have been
slogging it out in the trenches.

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