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Here is your authorization serial number for ListSTAR/SMTP.  Remember, only
one evaluation serial number is allowed per customer.  If you require
additional authorization serial numbers please contact our Sales Department. 
If you have any problems with the software, please contact our support staff
([email protected]).  When you are ready to purchase ListSTAR/SMTP, you may
do so by contacting our Sales Department by phone at 1-800-525-2580, or by
sending email to [email protected]  You may also order some products Online
at <http://store.starnine.com/>

Thank you for evaluating ListSTAR/SMTP!

[email protected]
(510) 649-4949

This key will expire in 30 days.

Key is for: ListSTAR/SMTP Demo
Key Serial Number: L*SM-386u-q9qE-%t4y-yptE
Key Support ID: 6-1399-KHQ
Key Duration: 47 Day(s)
Beginning: Sun, Sep 1, 1996
Expiring: Fri, Oct 18, 1996
Number of users/Options: 0

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Request for Eval Serial Number