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Re: All Bets Off

> Just so this isn't hanging in cyberspace forever, my $5,000 bet for 
> anyone to prove the TWA 800 flight was downed by a U.S. missile is now 
> *off the table*.  

I heard through  the family grapevine that they have pictures of a Stinger
taking out the plane they're analyzing in the Pentagon.  There are 220+
Stingers *missing* in the US, so its not like they have to smuggle them
in...  (That's not proof by any means, but *my* family grapevine has always
been very reliable.  The cousin who told me this has a Dad who flew as
the intelligence officer observer on Bronco flights out of Quang Tri for
18 months, rotating out just before the base was over run in May of '72.) 
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