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Re: All Bets Off

On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Jeff Davis wrote:

> > Just so this isn't hanging in cyberspace forever, my $5,000 bet for 
> > anyone to prove the TWA 800 flight was downed by a U.S. missile is now 
> > *off the table*.  
> I heard through  the family grapevine that they have pictures of a Stinger
> taking out the plane they're analyzing in the Pentagon.  There are 220+
> Stingers *missing* in the US, so its not like they have to smuggle them
> in...  (That's not proof by any means, but *my* family grapevine has always
> been very reliable.  The cousin who told me this has a Dad who flew as
> the intelligence officer observer on Bronco flights out of Quang Tri for
> 18 months, rotating out just before the base was over run in May of '72.) 

Does this cousin also have an aunt who lived next door to Joe Montana's 
babysitter? I might know his father ...

Ask your family grapevine about the stinger's op altitude, and the 
altitute of the TWA when it broke up - I don't have Jane's lying around, 
but it seems that the TWA plane was a tad bit high for a stinger.

- r.w.