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Re: Wealth Tax vs. Capital Gains Tax Reduction

Such kind of wealth tax would likely trigger a major sell-off of stocks,
both because holding them would no longer defer taxation, and also for
raising the liquidity necessary to pay the tax. That could potentially
cause a stockmarket crash, and upset a lot of electors. I hope that U.S.
Congress and government be aware of that.


On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Thomas Dell wrote:

> > Needless to say, I despise the idea of a "wealth tax," and I can
> > see various loopholes and workarounds. I'd also expect a lot of
> > folks to simply move out of the country if this were to happen.
> Not without difficulty. While this is not from a reliable source,
> it does seem that the gov't is aware of this issue.
> Tom
> [email protected]