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Re: A Bizarre Increase in the Ad Hominems Here

> [email protected] (Timmy May) (fart) writes:
> > * Detweiler ([email protected]) writes:
> Detweiler is much smarter than VZNuri (or Timmy). I don't think Timmy
> believes his own lies.
> > (Sadly, a large fraction of the women who have posted on our list have
> > written in this same kind of incoherent, rambling, makes-no-sense kind of
> > style. I have no idea why the percentage of such events is so high.)
> Is Timmy gay?  Why does he hate women so much?
> > * And of course Vulis has been posting his "farting" messages far and wide.
> Recently, 3 people in the computer security field have independently
> told me that Timmy May approached them "off-list" to complain about
> things I supposedly say on the Internet - most of which I never said.
> When I asked about it on this mailing list, Timmy posted what was shown
> to be a lie (about his complaint to Kelly Goen.) Timmy is known as a
> nutcase and a liar - if he keeps up his "character assassination"
> attacks, the only reputation he hurts is his own.
> <a href="mailto:[email protected]">Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM</a>