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Re: The GAK Momentum is Building...

At 12:49 PM 9/18/96, Declan McCullagh wrote:
>On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Timothy C. May wrote:
>> (BTW, I predict that the tainted term "key escrow" is now gone from the
>> official lexicon. I haven't seen the Clipper IV proposal, but I surmise
>> that the baggage the term "key escrow" carries means that some more
>> benign-sounding term will be used in the final proposal. Something like
>> "Key Recovery System." You heard it here.)
>I agree, of course. But Gore's office has been telling me about the "Key
>Recovery System" for months. It's nothing new in the DC cryptolexicon.

Yeah, I shouldn't have added the "You heard it here" line, implying I had
invented the term. As others have noted, this seems to be the new term for
key escrow. The brainwashing must've taken hold on me, and as a good
citizen-unit I had absorbed the message: "Key Recovery is Security,
Ignorance is Strength."

--Tim May

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