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Re: The GAK Momentum is Building...


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Date: Wed Sep 18 11:57:32 1996
Lucky wrote: 

> On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Jim Ray wrote:

[my stuff about a small "victory" elided.]

> Nope. It is a Cypherpunk loss. The use of the term "key recovery" for GAK
> now fully obfuscates the distinction between accessing a 
> backup copy by the legitimate owner (or his estate, employer, etc.) and 
> GAK. Many PKIs will support the former type of key recovery. And for good
> reasons. Thanks to the brainwashers using the same term for GAK, it will
> now become impossible to tell from a basic description of a PKI if it 
> supports GAK or not. Furthermore, those who oppose the latter type of key
> recovery (us!), will be pushed further into the fringe by the media 
> now being able to mix up our arguments against GAK with arguing against 
> true key recovery. [Do you notice the weird constructs I have to use to 
> distinguish the two meanings? One of them being new...]

Upon further reflection, I agree with Lucky. I will say that the _really_ 
bad news is that our opponents seem to be getting smarter. <sigh> Or else 
I'm just getting dumber. :(

Also: If any more of you have comments for Judge Kozinski, please send them 
to me soon. Comments from stable nyms (such as you, Lucky) are especially 
appreciated, and with your permission I will include this message. Please 
tell me if you want me to include your e-mail address in the message to 
Judge Kozinski. TIA.

Regards, Jim Ray -- DNRC Minister of Encryption Advocacy

"As govt.s grow arithmetically, corruption grows exponentially."
 -- Ray's Law of official corruption.

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