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Re: The GAK Momentum is Building...


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To: [email protected]
Date: Wed Sep 18 08:48:43 1996
Tim May wrote:


> (BTW, I predict that the tainted term "key escrow" is now gone from the
> official lexicon. I haven't seen the Clipper IV proposal, but I surmise
> that the baggage the term "key escrow" carries means that some more
> benign-sounding term will be used in the final proposal. Something like
> "Key Recovery System." You heard it here.)

I agree, and hope so. "Key Recovery," while not as Orwellian-sounding as 
"GAK," is a step on the path to honesty WRT the English language, though 
it's important to continually point out, as Tim did in his post, that 
*access* -- rather than just recovery -- is obviously what Mr. Freeh wants.

I'd count this likely change in terminology as a "cypherpunk victory," 
albeit a very small and certainly a very hard-fought one.

Regards, Jim Ray -- DNRC Minister of Encryption Advocacy

"As govt.s grow arithmetically, corruption grows exponentially."
 -- Ray's Law of official corruption.

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