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Re: Anthrax on the 'net [Was Re: Fear of Flying -- from HotWired ]

On Tue, 17 Sep 1996 17:14:53 -0400, Mike Fletcher wrote:

>>>Gee, biotech has come a long way.  Now I can download the Anthrax DNA
>>>sequence from the net and insert it in some carrier bacteria and start
>>>making Anthrax bacteria.  Neat!
>> Now the bad news:  the DNA replicator only works under Windows 95 and comes
>> with buggy drivers!

>	Buggy drivers?  But isn't that the point in this case? :)

True, true... <g>   And you *really* don't want to see what happens when it

>> Unfortunately, it can be very deadly.  The idea here is that it rarely infect
>> humans - in the normal course of events.  If a determined biowarrior is tryin
>> to infect people, all bets are off.
>	The Frank Herbert (of _Dune_ fame) book _White Plague_ comes
>to mind.  Basically a molecluar biologist's wife and kids are killed
>by an IRA bomb while visiting Dublin.  He snaps and creates a plague
>which kills women (men are carriers) as revenge.  All without using
>that nasty Internet (in fact, the book was written back before even

I remember reading this one.  Very applicable!

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