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Re: 56 kbps modems

>From "Technical Aspects of Data Communications" by John E. McNamara:

BAUD: A unit of signaling speed equal to the number of discrete conditions
or signal events per second. In asynchronous transmission, the unit of
signaling speed corresponding to one unit interval per second; that is, if
the duration of the unit interval is 20 milliseconds, the signaling speed
is 50 baud. Baud is the same as "bits per second" only if each signal event
represents exactly one bit. A baud is the reciprocal of the unit interval.

In other words, McNamara says (p148), in common 2400 bps modems, the "baud
rate" is 1200 baud.


Chris writes:

>On Mon, 16 Sep 1996 12:16:08 +0200, Gary Howland wrote:
>>[email protected] wrote:
>>> well here in Australia Telstra our national carrier only "garantees"
>>> 2400 baud to work.
>>As I am sure has been discussed at length before, baud does not equal
>>bps.  AFAIK, V32bis is only 2400baud.
>This is correct.  The difference is in the number of values for each of the
>2400 signals sent per second.
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