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Re: 56 kbps modems

>Interesting. . .  Oh well, I bet their competition doesn't mind.

That is the major problem. We have only 2 carriers in this country. 
The market is not being deregulated untill mid 97. Optus the other 
carrier has only just installed local access (rather than STD, ISDN 
only) and it covers ~ 11% of the population with this service. The 
other problem is that they use lines leased from telstra as many 
councils and communities are complaining about the laying of new 
cables (arrr joe public). In a recent case where optus decided to try 
and lay the cables against council wishes the council impounded 
several of the vehicles used.
Is it not great to live in the "lucky country". Here in Au we seem to 
delight in first complaining of the poor line quality, and than stop 
new line being installed

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