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At 10:52 AM 9/18/96 -0700, Tim wrote:
>It doesn't matter if cash is still allowed if one cannot interact with any
>health care person without a proper citizen-unit data base entry. They've
>got you tracked even if you pay in gold dust.
>(Putting on my Duncan cap--not to be confused with dunce cap--I wonder what
>will happen the first time someone dies because a hospital wouldn't treat
>someone without a proper citizen-unit health care card?)

By definition, without a citizen-unit health card number, 
a Health Status Transition Event can't be recorded, 
therefore nothing will happen.

It's possible that some auditor may notice a short-term
increase in the amount of hazardous medical waste disposal
at the facility that can't be properly allocated to
health-services-consumption-units for cost recovery purposes,
but there are overhead accounts for such things, 
which are simpler than creating fictitious accounts for 
"un-persons" or some such.

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