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Re: Mercenaries

 Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Timothy C. May wrote:

> As to Michelle's point that Americans cannot serve for pay in other
> militaries, there are all sorts of waivers and "look the other way"s
> involved. For example, the retired American officer who became the top
> military man in Estonia (or one of the Baltic States)--while still
> retaining his U.S. citizenship.

General Aleksander Einseln had some problems with US authorities because
of working as the head of Estonian Army, I am not sure if he lost his US
pension or not, at least that was what the US promised to do.

He is having problems in Estonia right now BTW, some days ago the security
police took him to interrogate him in the defense forces headquarters
weapons smuggling case. That happened some days after he announced his
consent to stand as the candidate for President of Estonia. This kind of
bad attention did not allow him to set up his candidacy. 

No relevance to CP, I know :)

Jüri Kaljundi
AS Stallion
[email protected]