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Re: Mike Farrell, actor

attila wrote:
> Mike Farrell, actor and longtime opponent of the death penalty:
>         "We don't rape rapists,
>           we don't burn arsonists,
>             why should we kill killers?"
>     well, come to thing of it, why don't we let a bull rape a rapist?
>     or burn an arsonist at the stake?
>     seems fair to me.  maybe even sell tickets to pay for the cost.

This must be just the entertainment angle. Something about ancient Roman 
orgies comes to mind. More to the point, if you can't figure out how to 
reform the offender (impossible in current prisons), and you can't get 
the offender to compensate the victim(s), you could at least tap into 
the perp's subconscious a little way and apply some inhibitors.

One technique that works on a lot of violence-prone individuals:

Chain the bad guy to a secure post in a dark basement somewhere, and 
leave them for 24 hours. On returning, flip on the light, give them a 
few seconds to be able to at least see your outline pretty well, then 
put an empty revolver next to their head and fire. Now turn off the 
light and leave. Repeat until subject is jelly, basically. Variations 
include various background noises with timing controller, etc.