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Re: DL in exchange for fingerprint

>    "We keep a memory bank that matches your fingerprints with your
>    license," [DoPS spokesman] said.  "In other words, if you went to
>    get a new license with a false birth certificate and your
>    fingerprint didn't match the name, you wouldn't get a license.

Totally bogus - _my_ birth certificate didn't have my fingerprints on it :-)
Now, it may help stop people from getting duplicate licenses,
assuming they use the same finger each time and don't have the
sense to put rubber cement or ridge filler or something on their
fingers first (and assuming, of course, that the system actually
_checks_ the fingerprint in real time, rather than just recording it.)

>Just what I would have called it: a great idea.  Is it true that 31
>other states take your fingerprint as part of the license application?
>I feel sick.

Wouldn't be surprising; you didn't think you lived in America, did you?

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