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Re: DL in exchange for fingerprint

Kurt Vile wrote:
> >By the way, the next rev of the California driver's license will
> >reportedly have one's *Social Security Number* printed on the card!
> >So much for the statement clearly printed on my card:
> Illinois already has such a law, in fact you must have an SSN to
> even get a DL.  Fortunately, the law allows a citizen-unit to choose
> if they want their SSN on their DL (imagine that, a choice!) - the
> flip side is that you have to specifically ask them not to print
> them - they won't ask you.
> One would hope that CA's law might provide a similar out...

Oh, yeah.  This "optional" SSN is a great idea, yeah.  So late at night, 
you get pulled over, and the officer notes that YOU (one of less than a 
thousand people who don't have the DL-SSN) don't actually have the 
DL-SSN.  Well, just don't get pulled over....