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> (The Swedish Post is currently
>spending a lot of money advertising their new Web services. For
>full access to such sensitive data as detailed wheather maps you
>have to enter your name, address and Person Number - for credit
>information, they say - and they will send you, by snail mail, a
>username and password; http://www.torget.se)

Actually, they say they'll send it by Registered Mail - so there
is an "authenticated" binding between userID and person. (MIT did
this for accounts on MIT-AI about 20 years ago.) They will also
send a copy of your Swedish credit report. Since the Swedish
Post is planning to get into offering services for a fee, their
requirement for a means of payment seems reasonable, though I
would have thought that a Visa number would be sufficient.

They refused my application without sending a copy of my credit
report (and without explanation), even though I provided them
with my valid Swedish personal number. I may complain in person
next week when I'm in Stockholm for vacation, though it seems
like a dumb way to spend a vacation.