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More proposals for European censorship

	Fortunately, the European Parliament really doesn't have much
power. I'd point out to those squeamish about child pornography that - aside
from that it's the production that's the problem, not the transmission &
duplication - what can be used to censor it can be used to censor everything
else. Incidentally, what nonsense is meant by "social rights"?

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>   STRASBOURG, France (Sep 19, 1996 11:24 a.m. EDT) - The European
>   Parliament pressed the European Union on Thursday to act to curb child
>   sex and trafficking rings, saying the fight against sexual abuse of
>   children must be an "absolute priority."

>   Euro-MPs also called for action to stop criminals using the Internet
>   to disseminate pornography and to deal in women and children. They
>   urged the European Commission to look into technical and legal
>   measures, at European and global level, to combat the use of the
>   information superhighway for criminal purposes.
>   They said a strong regulatory framework for controlling the networks
>   was needed to ensure that people's personal and social rights were
>   enhanced by the advent of the new technology.

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