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Re: your mail

On Thu, 19 Sep 1996, Mixmaster wrote:

> "Drivers Must Allow Fingerprinting"

> "'I have grave concerns,' she said. 'When we think of giving a fingerprint, 
> we think of being arrested. We feel like we've done something wrong, 
> not because we are complying with the law and are doing something 
> right.'

> "There will be no exceptions to the fingerprint requirement..., Wright said,
> adding that 'having a driver's license is a privilege,' not a right.

    I always find it ironic when government representatives such as this 
individual feel that they can put on an air of superiority by saying that 
we, the public, are privledged to be able to do something at all.  
Apparently they forget that not only are we the reason they have a job, 
but we're the reason for government, period.

> "Wright said...the fingerprints eventually will be available to other law 
> enforcement agencies and courts....

    Of course!  Along with our escrowed encryption keys and 'classified' 

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