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"Drivers Must Allow Fingerprinting"

By Ralph Ellis   _The Atlanta Constitution_ 9/19/96

"Georgians renewing or getting a new driver's license after Sept. 30 will have to provide the state with two fingerprints.

"The right and left index fingerprints will be taken with an inkless scanning device that is part of a digital imaging system being installed in 82 driver's license examination offices across the state said Gordy Wright, spokesman for the Georgia Department of Public Safety.


"The fingerprints will make it difficult for people to obtain licenses with falsified identification papers, Wright said.

"Teresa Nelson of the Ga. Civil Liberties Union said the fingerprinting invades the privacy of law-abiding citizens.

"'I have grave concerns,' she said. 'When we think of giving a fingerprint, we think of being arrested. We feel like we've done something wrong, not because we are complying with the law and are doing something right.'

"There will be no exceptions to the fingerprint requirement..., Wright said, adding that 'having a driver's license is a privilege,' not a right.


"Wright said...the fingerprints eventually will be available to other law enforcement agencies and courts....


"The new licenses will include an instant photo....A bar code on the back will contain a laser recording of the driver's index fingerprints...."