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Cypherpunks is dead anyway... (was Cypherpunk Enquirer)

The Enquirer wrote...
> Scientists flocked to toad.com recently in response to the first
> authenticated sighting of a Perrygram in months.  The Perrygram,
> only recently thought extinct, was spotted on the cypherpunks
> mailing list after an absence of several months.  Specialists
> speculate that it may have detected the recent list increase in its
> favorite food - pure, unadulterated bullshit.

In fact, Perrygrams are dead because I've given up on this list.
There is no more cryptography discussion going on -- the list is
basically a very low grade political rant forum, with most of the
rants having no relevance to crypto.

(I suppose "I told you so" doesn't help much.)

Anyway, as soon as I find a home for Cypherpunks Mark II I'm starting
it and unsubscribing from here. Cypherpunks is dead. This happens to
all mailing lists eventually. I suppose it had to happen here.

(Finding a new list home has been a low priority project for me
recently because I've been busy with "real work" -- however, if you
run (I emphasize *run*) a well connected site and can handle a list
with 1500 subscribers or so, and don't mind a somewhat more
restrictive charter than "post anything you like at any time", please
get in touch.)