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(fwd) Re: Strange telephone call

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Subject: Re: Strange telephone call
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996 18:19:12 -0400
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I did an Altavista search on Westat with these results:

1.) Westat's Internet site
2.) A document from the DEFENCE LOGISTICS AGENCY on YATS

I guess that phone call wasn't a scam after all...

BTW, whenever in doubt, just run your Internet browser and use the
search engines. You'll be amazed at how much info you can get by just
typing in a word or two.


1.) Quoted from Westat's home page (http://www.westat.com/)


An Employee-Owned Research Corporation

Welcome to Westat 

Westat is an employee-owned corporation
headquartered in the greater Washington, DC,
metropolitan area. We conduct surveys and provide
statistical research and related services to the agencies
of the U.S. Government and a broad range of institutional
and business clients. Our diverse staff of 800 enables us
to assemble project teams to meet the challenges of
complex research projects. With a more than 30-year
history of technical and managerial excellence, Westat
has emerged as one of the foremost statistical research
and evaluation organizations in the United States. 

Additional Information about Westat: 

    Research Capabilities 
    Program Areas 
    Employee Ownership 
    How to Contact Westat 
    Opportunities for Systems Professionals 
    Statistical Software (WesVarPC) 

Last Modified: May 14, 1996 

Site comments or problems: [email protected] 

Please note: Pages at this site have been designed for viewing with
Netscape 1.1X Navigator using monitors displaying at least 256
colors. Use of a different HTML viewer or a display with less than 256
colors may result in the loss of page layout information and/or poor
quality images. 

2.) Document on 'YATS' (the following lines as they appeared on
Altavista's search)

No Title
    May 1, 1996. DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY. Environmental Research
Institute of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, is being awarded an
estimated $44,425,774...  http://www.fedmarket.com/blue5-1.html - size
8K - 29 May 96

Westat, Incorporated, Rockville, Maryland, is being awarded a $1,630,647
increment as part
of a $15,155,183 firm fixed price contract for a Communications
Enlistment Decisions - Youth
Attitude Tracking Study (YATS). This effort requires the contractor to
administer half-hour
computer assisted telephone interviews (CATIs) in an annual survey of
10,000 16-24 year-old
men and women that evaluates their attitudes toward the military. The
purpose of this survey
is to provide the Armed Services with market data that enables them to
more accurately target
advertising and recruiting activities to appeal to potential recruit
populations. The project
includes design and selection of the sample, modification of the survey
questionnaire administration, compilation and weighting of the data,
production of preliminary
and public use data tapes and preparation of documentation and
analytical reports. Work will
be performed in Rockville, Maryland, and is expected to be completed by
July 31, 2001.
Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.
There were 45 bids solicited
on January 26, 1996, and two bids received. The contracting activity is
the Defense Supply
Service-Washington, Washington, D.C. (DASW01-96-C-0041).


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