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Declan McCullagh interview on ISP-TV Monday Night

*** ISP-TV Program Announcement: Declan McCullagh Interview ***

Monday, Sept. 23
9:00 PM ET

Online activist Declan McCullagh runs the Justice on Campus project, is a
plaintiff in the ACLU/EFF court challenge to the Communications Decency
Act, and maintains the Fight-Censorship mailing list. He also writes for
WIRED/HotWired, and recently described the CDA trial to readers of
Playboy Magazine.

Our chat with Declan will include details of international Internet
censorship, his discoveries concerning what some "Safe Surf" products
actually protect you from, the difference between "indecent" and "harmful
to minors" in new Internet censorship laws, as well as your phoned-in

This video interview can be viewed on the ISP-TV main CU-SeeMe reflector
at IP, or other ISP-TV affiliate reflectors listed at

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