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For Release Sept. 20, 1996
C2Net: Sandy Sandfort 
+1 510-986-8770
UK Web: Dave Williams 
+44 0113 222 0046


LEEDS - Today, UK Web Ltd. and C2Net (Community ConneXion, Inc.) 
announced the worldwide availability of Stronghold security 
software for the World Wide Web. Stronghold is a commercial 
version of Apache, a powerful and popular server software package 
for the Internet.  Stronghold uses "Secure Sockets Layer" (SSL), 
a cryptographically strong protocol to protect credit card 
numbers and other sensitive information from Internet 
eavesdroppers. Stronghold also comes with a full range of 
"certificate authority" tools, documentation, easy installation, 
and technical support.

Export versions of other Web servers, such as the Netscape 
Enterprise and Microsoft Internet Information Server have 
intentionally crippled encryption security. Stronghold uses 
uncompromised strong encryption world-wide. This is possible 
because it was written using software developed outside the US. 
Stronghold uses the full power of 128-bit symmetric encryption 
for maximum security. (Competing servers exported from the US use 
only 40-bit, low-level security). Stronghold is fully compatible 
with all secure browsers, including Netscape Navigator and 
Microsoft and Internet Explorer.

"Stronghold is based on the most powerful Web server and the most 
secure Internet encryption," says Mark Cox, Stronghold product 
manager.  "Users of Stronghold can be sure that their commercial 
transactions are completely private and secure."

Dave Williams, Managing Director of UK Web, adds "Stronghold has 
already proved very popular in the US and Canada, where it has 
been available nearly a year. UK Web will now be selling 
Stronghold exclusively outside the US and Canada, giving the rest 
of the world the first opportunity to buy this top-rated product. 
We think it will be very popular."

UK Web is a leading authority on the Apache web server. They are 
committed to information-sharing and openness. They also offers 
commercial support for Apache. UK Web publishes a weekly 
newsletter called "Apache Week" which is available free of charge 
on the Internet.  The Apache Week Web site can be found at 

"In the past year the demand for an international version of 
Stronghold has been steadily increasing," said Sameer Parekh, 
President of C2Net, "but we've never been willing to give our 
customers a false sense of security by shipping a defective 
product. We're very glad UK Web can satisfy the need for an 
international version of Stronghold."" International Stronghold 
costs 329 pounds, which includes free minor upgrades. It is free for 
non-commercial use by educational and not-for-profit 
organisations. Full server source code is provided as well as the 
pre-compiled server. It is available the most commonly used Unix 
platforms, including Linux, SunOS 4, Solaris 2, IRIX and AIX. The 
server is based on the popular Apache module API, which gives 
access to a wide range of third-party server add-on "modules", 
most available for free. Within the United States and Canada 
Stronghold is available from C2Net. (See 

Full details of International Stronghold are available on the UK 
Web's web site, at http://stronghold.ukweb.com/. The software is 
available for free download and evaluation.

UK Web Limited is a leading Internet services company 
specialising in server technology, Internet security, business 
solutions and effective site design.

C2Net (also known as Community ConneXion, Inc.) is the leading 
provider of uncompromising security on the Internet. C2Net 
provides a wide array of Internet privacy services and powerful 
network security software.

Portions of Stronghold were developed by the Apache Group, and 
were taken with permission from the Apache Server 
http://www.apache.org/.  This product includes software developed 
by Ben Laurie for use in the Apache-SSL HTTP server project. This 
product includes software developed by Eric Young 
([email protected]).

Netscape Navigator and Netscape Enterprise are trademarks of 
Netscape Communications Corporation. Microsoft Internet Explorer 
and Microsoft Internet Information Server are trademarks of 
Microsoft Corporation.  Stronghold is a trademark of Community 
ConneXion, Inc.