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How's the list?

I thought I'd ask how the list is going... it seems to have gone
downhill; there are now totally gratoitous insults to tcmay that
don't seem to serve any purpose besides making sure the archive
(if there is one) isn't fit for family viewing.

Hey, at least when I was insensitive, I put effort into it. And
I didn't use an automatic daemon.

Anyway, I thought I'd catch up on current events with the following

* I take it SSL still hasn't been strengthened?

* I'm now working part of the time at a company that has a lot of
mail-order sales; are any of you aware of how much credit card fraud is
going on out there right now? Might some of this actually be from unsecure
SSL transactions?

* Did anyone come up with any interesting embellishments (or maybe
precedents?) to my bidirectional Dining Cryptographers idea? I can't
believe I'm the first to come up with this... I guess it's public domain
now, since I missed the one-year deadline for patenting it.

Well, I gotta run... 

Phil Fraering              "And the moral of the story is,
[email protected]            *never count your boobies until they
318/261-9649               are hatched*."
                            - James Thurber, "The Unicorn in the Garden"