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Anonymous Oddsman 2

Current English U.S. Presidential betting odds are now offered on 2 services, but there's no Perot bet at Ladbroke House, and no Harry Browne on either.

Ladbrokes customer service @ +44 181 8621820 is still at Clinton 1:7, Dole 4:1 As promised, this time our roving reporter inquired about Harry Browne. The Libertarian candidate, once offered at 50:1 by Ladbroke House earlier this year, is not now offered. H. Ross Perot, perhaps reflecting the decision of the debate commission not to invite him, is also not offered at Ladbroke House.

The wonderful thing about a free gambling marketplace, though, is that you can always go elsewhere if you want to take a gamble on Ross. The William Hill customer helpline @ +44 990 181715 said Clinton 1:8, Dole 9:2 and for Perot they can give you a whopping 250:1!
Also, no odds given on Browne at William Hill, so in summary:

                   Ladbroke House         William Hill
 Clinton	  1:7 (no change)           1:8
 Dole           4:1 (no change)           9:2
 Perot          (was 50:1 now 0)          250:1
 Browne       *                                    *
*Not currently offered.

Next posting when we get around to it, or when the situation seems to have changed substantially. Many thanks to our roving reporter for these numbers.
anonymous oddsman.