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His Eminence, the Esteemably Dishonourable Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM

Sorry, dear, but complaining isn't going to change it, and simple
telling people to shut the fuck up is going to go nowhere.

    His Eminence, the Esteemably Dishonourable Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM:

        ah, but you, sir, are childish.

        apparently even reminding you of the threads which bind
    the human existence into something more than the sweat of the
    jungle, at least among the "supposedly" educated, is wasted.

        the concept of the very existence of other inhabitants is a
    fact which seems to escape your restrained consciousness and
    cerebeal ruminations.

        your moral fiber must be limited by the vicarious thrill of
    the predator, a man(?) who neither shows nor grants either
    compassion or mercy, spewing only banal swill.

        but, if such unconscious viciousness was to be directed to
    your greed lined nest, the sounds of a ferel swine meeting the
    abatatoir would emanate from the stench.

If you
want solely crypto relevent material, subscribe to the filtered list.
I mean, come on -- you know this list is suseptable (sp?) to noise and

        this list is alve, but it does not come with persistent
    scurilous personal attacks against fellow subscribers.

        those are added by a few individuals, such as you seem wont
    to be,  whose minds never matriculated to the nursery, forever
    restained in their toilet training graduation ritual; the
    rotten apple in the barrel.

Besides, people suggest to me that you are the anonymous mailer.  So
maybe you should keep a low profile on this.

        I never have need to post criticism or sarcasm anonymously.
    I would prefer to do so face to face --standing on your toes.

        --attila, just attila, Mr. Nobody...

  Lady:  "Sir Winston!  You are appallingly drunk!"
  Churchill: "lady, you are ugly; but I shall be sober in the