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Re: The GAK Momentum is Building...

At 1:56 AM 9/22/96, jim bell wrote:

>But as usual, you ignore the obvious solution to the problem.  Let's suppose
>the amount of the fine is set at $1000 per day.  Actuarially, this works out
>Naturally, you won't even consider the possibility of going outside the
>system to solve a problem.  The rest of us notice that there are probably
>thousands of terminally-ill people who would gladly act as a human kamikaze

I get the feeling that the "standard form letter" for all such invocations
of AP is turning out to be:

"Suppose you owe somebody money. It is much cheaper just to use AP to have
him killed."

Indeed, this "simple" solution is ever so much cheaper than paying a fine,
repaying a loan, fulfilling an obligation, whatever.

(P.S. The hiring of terminally-ill kamikazes is an old one.)

--Tim May

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