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Re: Internet File System?

>The other day, it occurred to me that Java could really take off if there
>was some sort of file system.  And, since you can't write to local files
>with Java, the obvious solution is to set up the 'fopen, fclose(), etc)
>set of functions that are 'rpcs' to some server application on the same
>computer as the web server the applet comes from.
>Since I never manage to come up with new concepts, I assume someone is already
>working on this, or has already created this.

Eric Hughes, well known cypherpunk, presented a two-part paper at DEFCON
IV.  The first part of the paper, entitled the "Universal Piracy System" or
UPS, addresses an Internet/Web file system which offers universal access
and privacy. The second part addresses how the UPS can be the enabler for
the demise of copyright while offering a market driven replacement of an
entirely different character.  I hear Eric is refining these ideas and we
hope to see something published soon.

Perhaps he's lurking and will respond.

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