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   9-22-96. WaPo: 
   "In California, Creating a Web of the Past" 
      Brewster Kahle's massive data-collection devices and 
      programmed computers are surfing and saving everything 
      they can find on the global computer network. At the end 
      of this year that then will be updated as fast as his 
      computers can do their vacuum cleaning, likely every few 
      But the project also has piqued the interest of privacy 
      rights advocates and copyright lawyers, who question how 
      the archive will use its data. "I'm dealing with every 
      single intellectual property issue out there," Kahle 
      said. "Privacy, copyright, pornography, import-export -- 
      we've got it all." 
      He is forming a for-profit venture that will sell the 
      Web searching and storing technology developed at the 
      archives. Researchers from AT&T Corp. and Xerox Corp. 
      have asked to study the archive. 
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