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Re: Timmy May's spam (Was: Re: CIA hacked)

Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM wrote:
> Adam Back <[email protected]> writes:
> > It would seem to me that the first insults were thrown by yourself,
> > and that your strange habit of bouncing all the fallout to the list 
> > is perpetuating the problem.

> > No. Let me remind you the sequence of events, in chronological 
> > order:

[some discussion deleted]

> > Also, I would point out that you yourself don't restrict yourself to
> > purely crypto discussions (aside from this latest war), you for
> > instance recently discussed driving licenses in NY.  Not that I am
> > Right - the discussion of drivers licences and other credentials is 
> > definitely crypto-relevant. The discussion, e.g., of the ethics of
> > mandatory insurance is not.

[more discussion deleted]

I just want to add a comment about the "ethics of mandatory insurance".
If one were to assume that the state mandating insurance, seat belts, 
and so on was motivated by genuine concern for the people, then OK (if 
that's what you want to think).  OTOH, since the true motivations are 
not public knowledge (for the average person), and since some of these 
are things for which the police can check you out and inspect you more 
closely, they might be relevant after all, or at least as relevant as 
some of the other topics.