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Re: Snooping ISP admin??

Michael E. Carboy writes:
> Greetings All,
> Question for the group:  I have encountered a situation that causes me
> to believe an ISP is snoopingthrough encrytped mail.  It seems that
> PGP'd mail has aroused the curiosity of an ISP (not hooked.net).. I have
> encountered "POP3 account in use by another user" several times in the
> past few days and I am the only user... wondering if that "in use"
> messsage is the result of a clumsy sysadmin being caught with his hand
> in the cookie jar. 

It's from a clumsy programmer- popd is known to hang up under
certain conditions.

> Any thoughts from the group??? 

If the sysadmin is reading your PGP mail, let him.  It's very very
unlikely that he has the resources available to crack a PGP
message in this century.

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