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Re: Snooping ISP admin??

On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Michael E. Carboy wrote:

> Greetings All,
> Question for the group:  I have encountered a situation that causes me
> to believe an ISP is snoopingthrough encrytped mail.  It seems that
> PGP'd mail has aroused the curiosity of an ISP (not hooked.net).. I have
> encountered "POP3 account in use by another user" several times in the
> past few days and I am the only user... wondering if that "in use"
> messsage is the result of a clumsy sysadmin being caught with his hand
> in the cookie jar.  Any thoughts from the group???  If those more
> knowledgeable than I deem these NOISE... my sincere apologies.
	All I got to say is that if a admin wanted to get your mail using
POP3 would be last thing one would try. Since the admin reign over the
machine he could just copy your mail file and do what he wishes at this
point. Besides most admins including myself really want to bother talking
to users most of the time let alone read there mail.