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Re: William Torbitt (pseudonym)

On Sat, 21 Sep 1996, Timothy C. May wrote:

> Presumably the same William Torbitt (psuedonym) who wrote the
> Samizdat-distributed "Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal."
> (One of the best treatments of the various swirling connections surrounding
> the JFK assassination and related CIA-Mob-Giancana-Hughes-Castro-etc.
> connections.)
> That Torbitt was a pseudonym has some connection to the themes of our list.
> It is believed by many--and it sounds plausible to me--that the actual
> author was a knowledgeable Texas attorney who had gained much familiarity
> with the facts of the case and, circa 1966-68, wrote his extended pamphlet
> "The Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal." Fearing likely sanctions,
> both professional and personal, he chose not to use his real name, and
> pamphlet circulated informally, without a formal publisher.
> (It is not written in a wacko-style, so I don't dismiss it as the ravings
> of a loon.)
> I haven't checked to see if its on the Web.

No, but for anyone who's interested, it's available from Prevailing Winds
Research (http://www.prevailingwinds.org) for about $7.

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