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   9-23-96. WaJo: 
   "SAIC Is Near Agreement to Buy Bellcore" 
      Bellcore led a team that cracked RSA-129, a computer 
      code once thought uncrackable, proving the vulnerability 
      of such systems. It holds hundreds of patents governing 
      numerous aspects of the U.S. infrastructure. 
      SAIC specializes in systems integration, national 
      security, transportation and health care. SAIC is 
      expected to tap into Bellcore's considerable software 
      talent as it continues to pursue new contracts. 
      Bellcore boasts network expertise that is second to 
      none. Bellcore also helps companies recover from network 
      failures, and its experts are widely regarded as masters 
      at foiling computer viruses and at the intricacies of 
      technical standards. Those talents will no doubt add 
      value to SAIC's considerable technical assets and 
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