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RE: SAK_net

On Sep 23, 1996 14:16:40, 'John Fricker <[email protected]>' wrote: 
>Didn't SAIC buy Network Solutions (registration part of the NIC) as well? 
This is part of the Administration's plan for government and industry
cooperation to provide a secure information infrastructure for beneficial
commerce and education and well-being of the commonweal, as well as joyful,
healthy and even-tempered computer-addicted families in beautiful
cyber-communities, even a tad of on-line virtual racial and gender justice,
not counting assurance of a bountiful food and flowing spirits and languid
afternoons of concupiscence and gluttony, overwatched by faith in a
SupremeOrderliness, all arrayed along clean-wiped, info-streets and
never-sweat GAK-global policies, just quiet, timely and comfortable
transportation across speedbumpless borders, and, for the eyes and ears,
lots of time left over for staring at the landscape rushing by and enjoying
Tesh and Streisand and Julio and Jane's Addiction. 
Al Gore's office promised straight-jacketly.