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Has the list sunk this low?

At 9:04 PM 9/23/96, Wayne H. Allen wrote:
>At 08:45 AM 9/23/96 -0400, Wearen Life wrote:
>>The CIA has many powers both great and small. If the can cover up findings
>>of UFO's
>    Has this list sunk that low?

The list is like a social club, except with more than 1000 members all able
to speak up at any time, on any subject.

The random babblings of any one person mean little about what other people
think. It's a cognitive error to assume the list has some "level" it can
sink to, or rise to, or whatever.

The best way to improve the S/N ratio is to post good signal, to find
topics of interest and then write about them.

--Tim May

(P.S. I've removed these names from the distribution list:
[email protected], Wearen Life <[email protected]>, Shane Brath
<[email protected]>, Skeeve Stevens <[email protected]>. I again
urge people to try to trim the distribution list.)

We got computers, we're tapping phone lines, I know that that ain't allowed.
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