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Re: More proposals for European censorship

On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Peter Trei wrote:

> > It's probably no coincidence that the recently busted, utter horrible
> > child-molesting ring, with obvious protection from various persons
> > in the establishment, was centered in Belgium - that's where the EU
> > bureaucrat nomenklatura play their power games and go to bordellos.

> What exactly are you suggesting when you say 'it's probably no
> coincidence?" I can't quite figure it out.

Obviously not only the arrested killer used the schoolgirls chained
in underground cells. They were for hire. High officials used his
'services', then ordered the police to cover it up. Why else would
some ten policemen be arrested? The EU bureaucrats are served by
hordes of prostitutes. Surely there are pedophiles among the hordes.
Probably some EU pedophiles have a connection to the gang. I don't
know this of course, but speculation is cheap.