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Re: More proposals for European censorship

Asgaard wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Peter Trei wrote:
> > > It's probably no coincidence that the recently busted, utter
> > > horrible child-molesting ring, with obvious protection from
> > > various persons in the establishment, was centered in Belgium -
> > > that's where the EU bureaucrat nomenklatura play their power games 
> > > and go to bordellos.

> > What exactly are you suggesting when you say 'it's probably no
> > coincidence?" I can't quite figure it out.

> Obviously not only the arrested killer used the schoolgirls chained
> in underground cells. They were for hire. High officials used his
> 'services', then ordered the police to cover it up. Why else would
> some ten policemen be arrested? The EU bureaucrats are served by
> hordes of prostitutes. Surely there are pedophiles among the hordes.
> Probably some EU pedophiles have a connection to the gang. I don't
> know this of course, but speculation is cheap.

If you want some actual names (remember, for entertainment purposes 
only!), check out a new book from Flatland called Trance Formation of 
America, about sex slaves et al.  Truly hideous stuff!